I Don’t Think I Can Ever Forgive Myself For Wrongly Accusing My Man – Princess Shyngle

Actress, Princess Shyngle has confessed that she accused her boyfriend wrongly and now regrets the action.

Though Princess Shyngle has apologized to her fiance Frederic Badji
who she blasted weeks ago for allegedly cheating on her and betraying
her, after giving her heart to him, the Gambian-born actress has however
revealed that she might never forgive herself for accusing him wrongly.

Princess Shyngle who admitted she was wrong for publicly embarrassing
her Senegalese fiance, also apologized for posting a video of him
crying and threatening to kill himself, just to embarrass and ridicule
him. She went on to reassure Frederic of her love and also described him
as the first and last man she will fall in love with.

She wrote: “A while ago I did something very stupid and extremely
wrong just because I was angry, mad, bad temper and was simply not
thinking. I got it all wrong and accused him wrongly then posted a video
of him crying and threatening himself just to embarrass him and
ridicule him, that was childish of me and I don’t think I can ever
forgive myself for doing that.

“I am here today to apologize to my man, my family , my followers
and friends for my actions, from the bottom of my heart I’m sorry, even
though my man said he doesn’t care I know that I was wrong and I’m
owning up to it. To everyone that called, and messaged me to put the
video down I want to say thank you.

“To my husband I want to let you know that I love you with every
bit of my heart and soul, I meant it when I said you’re the first man I
ever fell in love with and you’ll be my last, thanks for fighting for
us, thanks for never giving up and thanks for choosing me. You’re
literally my life and I live for you. I love you Frederic Badji my tall,
dark, sexy Senegalese hot chocolate… “