Latest news!!! 14 killed in Jigawa auto crash

Fourteen people died in a fatal accident in the village of Garin-Galla, in the local government area of ​​Ringim, in the state of Jigawa.
The victims traveling on the Kano-Gumel road died when two commercial vehicles (Golf 3), one that moved to Kano and the other that went to Gumel, had a frontal collision near the city.
One of the vehicles moving towards Kano caught fire instantly and the four passengers and the driver burned beyond all possibility.
In the other vehicle carrying nine passengers, six died on the spot, while the remaining three were taken to Ringim General Hospital for medical treatment, but then died.
Among the victims were two children, two women and five men, including the driver of the vehicle.

An eyewitness who spoke with Latest Nigeria News said that the incident occurred yesterday, 31 August 2019 at night, when a vehicle’s tire exploded after crashing into a hole and crashing into other moving vehicles.

He said those burned beyond recognition were buried near the scene of the incident, while others were taken to the Ringim General Hospital.

Police spokesman, SP Abdu Jinjiri, confirming the Latest alert incident, said the incident occurred on August 31st around 1900 when a Yusuf Bala of Kano’s Nasarawa LGA and the Volkswagen Golf 3 driver clashed with another Golf 3 machine with registration. no XA 777 BAU in the city of Garin Galla in the Ringim local government area.
He said the 14 people were confirmed dead by a doctor from the Ringim general hospital.

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