Reasons Why APC won’t win, speaks on third term agenda – 2023 Presidency Buhari’s ex-Minister

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Previous Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, says the All Progressives Congress, APC, may think that its hard to win the 2023 presidential political decision without President Muhammadu Buhari.

Shittu unveiled that if the APC neglects to take care of its home Nigerians won’t cast a ballot them in 2023.

The Minister, who talked in Osogbo, Osun State capital yesterday, said if the APC isn’t cautious about the disappointment being confronted now, the gathering may think that its difficult to get casts a ballot in 2023.

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He stated: “APC must take care of its home.

“In the last two races, Buhari got 15million votes in each and that is on the grounds that he is on the voting form.

“From the north alone he got 12 million on each event if APC isn’t mindful so as to take care of its home for individuals not to be conveyed from the gathering.

“Where will the vote originate from in 2023 if the order of Buhari is no more on the polling form? I feel that is something worth mulling over for the individuals who can think well.”

Depicting the discussion about the third term as “nitwit,” Adebayo said that Buhari was not at all intrigued by such endeavor.

“The issue of the third term for Buhari is bonehead. Our constitution endorses two terms. It is the craftsmanship of some confusionists. Buhari isn’t keen on such plan.

“He can’t do whatever would discolor his picture and honesty. It is a unimportant exercise in futility for certain individuals to discuss third term,” he said.

Review that Buhari had a year ago guaranteed Nigerians that he had no third term motivation.

Buhari had pronounced that he won’t wrongly attempt to seek after a third term plan.

As per Buhari: “I’m not going to tragically attempt a third term.

“Other than the age, I depended on the Holy Book that I would pass by the constitution and the constitution said two terms.

“I realize that I’m in my last term and I can stand to be careless in light of the fact that I’m not going to request anyone’s vote.”

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